Heavy traffic ’cause it’s Houston at 3:50 in the afternoon.

It’s been raining nearly heavily all day. No thunder. No lightening. Just. Rain. Lot’s of it.

We’ve been out since 9:10 a.m., my Beloved and me, on errands, appointments;

Some scheduled and close by; others clear on the other side of town, unfamiliar and a bit stressful.

And I’m on the edge now. Just plain tired. Especially in my hips and left leg. I want to be home. Now.

But there’s 24.6 miles to cover before hitting the couch and putting my legs up on the coffee table, which, being translated, is about 45 minutes.

Here we go. I pull out onto the frontage road and ease left onto the freeway and suddenly the tears want to force their way from the back of my eyes to the front. The very front.

I can’t. Not now. I have to get up on the freeway with all these other fast moving cars in the rain and so ……..I tell myself. Suck it up, Girl. Be tough. You gotta do this so get on up there and move on out! Self talk. Strong talk. Push the anxiety back. Far back. You have a job to do. One more long drive on the road before relaxing.

I focus. I hold back from tailgating and pray. Pray for me. Pray for all the others on the road who are trying to see through the driving wet windshield to the road, the white dashes between the lanes, the headlights and taillights.

Playing the wipers fast, intermittent, off, on. Fast, intermittent, off, on. Over and over again.Turning the radio to classical – no talk. Then turn it down while Beloved is talking to someone. I don’t care who.

Here we go. Heading off the freeway finally. Down the road to our neighborhood and into the driveway. Home.  At last.  Sigh. We walk in and immediately Beloved sits down on the couch. I go in the kitchen and start to finish cleaning up. It’s what we women do, especially when we know a girlfriend is on her way with supper! But I’m home. More relaxed. Can work out that stiff hip and back. Move the legs.  And thank the Lord that we all behaved on that driving rain home

driving rain two

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