Blinking yellow light

Illuminating a small space,

They reflect out into the darkness.

Still light

Sudden light

Flashes unexpectedly

Moving from near to far.

Drawn to the light,

I stare out into the horizon

To catch the next flash of light.

I stare at the bright moonlight

Before it’s hidden in the clouds.

I even stare at the blinking yellow light

 Until I can’t take it anymore.

I’m drawn to the light,

Even the small bright lights in the dark heavens.

I stare. I gaze. I wonder at how they all seem so close.

The light makes me feel safe, as if He watches me.

The lights fill me with joy;

With contentment, knowing that all the lights,

The blinking, the constant, the moving, the flashes,

All are reminders of His watch care over me.

And all I can do is be grateful.

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