Children were asked to describe peace.

“Peace is calm.”

“Peace is when you can play in your room and your little brother is playing in his and not bothering me.”

“Peace is quiet in the house. No yelling.”

“Peace is the community coming together.”

“Peace is being nice to someone.”

“Peace is space for yourself.”

Our pastor said peace is more than all of those sage responses from children. He proceeded to share various scriptures with us which described peace. But his videos and translations of peace from Greek didn’t resonate. Not until he said,

Peace is Jesus.

Our music director is the most humble person I know. Usually artists and performers come with just a bit of self assurance bordering on pride. We Believers hesitate using the word arrogance when talking about one of our own, but you don’t have to worry with this servant heart. He plays gigs all over our island, toting his guitar and inviting a bass player or violinist or drummer to join him. He doesn’t really seem to care what the instrumental mix is.

When we first started attending this little resort church, which resembles the early Christian church in so many ways, I noticed that he would include whoever expressed any interest in making a joyful sound to come up and join him in the praise and worship part of our service. He included a few small children to play those annoying wood blocks one Sunday. Having put up with that hollow wood tone the little ones mindlessly banged on in my music classroom for twenty-nine years, I gathered up the two wood blocks and brought them home with me. Needless to say, they haven’t been missed.

A few weeks ago, our music director asked me to take over the music for yesterday’s worship, as he and his wife would be out of town. Certainly. Consider it done, I told him. Our other esteemed players; violinist, guitarist and drummer, said they would be there. They had put up with my erratic rhythm-keeping only one other time when Jim was out. It wasn’t smooth, but they were most gracious. This time, I thought, I would practice and work hard to get it all right.

I invited two ladies to sing with us, as singing while playing the keyboard do not come naturally for me. Yes, they said. We rehearse an hour before the service. Thanks for coming. They came, bringing some ideas of their own. Rehearsal was bumpy, to say the least. A time or two, I had to check my inner spirit. As much as I had prayed over the service, the singers, all of it, still, there were going to be some personality challenges, including questioning the one in charge a time or two, with minutes before worship started.

When those questions were raised as to how it all should go, my mind went straight to all the times I had acted the diva with Jim. And I reluctantly thanked the Lord for the kind rebuke. I calmed my spirit and pressed on.

The pastor’s message on peace pierced my heart, especially after our first two worship songs. Oh Father, I whispered down in my soul, please help us to bring you and our beloved intimate congregation a more musical worshipful sound.

“Peace is waking up each new morning and committing the entire day into the hands of the Lord Jesus; totally surrendering and submitting your day’s agenda to Him. That means unclasping each finger off your own plans. Make your list of the many things you have to do. Then lay it on the table, pray over it, giving it to God. He promises to bless you with that peace that does indeed surpass all understanding.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

“And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

As I sat there on the second row next to Beloved I heard the Holy Spirit whisper in my soul, “I’ve got this. Just do what you practiced doing and it will go well. Trust Me.”  And in my heart of hearts, I yielded. Immediately my angst left my heart. I relaxed my hands and the peace that I had read about all these years in the black and white pages of my worn Bible became reality in my soul.

When it came time to sing the closing songs of the worship service, the singers sang, the instrumentalists played and the Holy Spirit’s presence was felt all round. Afterward, I hugged and thanked the ladies with genuine Christ-love and soon after a precious regular attendee walked up and said, “Please play the piano more! It was lovely!” Be still my heart. When we don’t expect it, the Lord showers such encouragement and love. How her words ministered all the way to the soles of my feet!

 “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” John 14:27

Father, may I daily apply what the Pastor said this morning, yielding up my agenda for Yours. And when someone wants to challenge me, as usually happens, may I remember to pray and respond in the way that would bring you honor and glory. Surely, Lord, your peace is real and does surpass all understanding! Thank you! In Your name, Amen

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