Preface to the West End Community Bible Study notes – Exactly who are we?

January 19, 2018 three of us Sea Isle residents gathered at my dining room table to pray and read the Bible together. We were each hungry to have this opportunity to meet, fellowship and share in His word together. Being from this small west end community on Galveston Island, Texas, our sights were a little narrow, as we had thought that only Sea Islers would attend.

Not too many weeks by that we realized we had to change the name of our group to West End Community Bible Study, as ladies from communities all along this end of Galveston Island were hearing about our group from church, the hair salon where one of our gals works, from the small grocery store……we were growing because God was moving!

In this page of the blogsite are most of the notes from our previous Bible Studies, as some of the ladies wanted to look back and read them again. The first study we did was Open Your Bible by Rachael Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. Then we moved on in September to Seamless by Angie Smith. We study one day a week rather than take the four days of study and talk about them at the end of the week.